Privacy Policy
In Short...

Your privacy is very important to us, and we do everything we can to ensure your personal data is safe.

We don't share it with anyone unless required to by law.

In More Depth...

We deal with two types of data - Personal Details, and Techical Data.

Personal Details

This directly identifies you, for example your name and email address. This personal data is never shared with any third parties, except where required by law - e.g. if the police ask us for it.

Technical Data

The other type of data is related to you, but isn't personal. This is stuff like your IP address, details of the browser and device you're using - technical data that doesn't directly identify you, but can be used to track your playing habits to some extent. This is shared with our advertising partners to enable the ads in the app.

How this technical data is used is pretty complicated - you can read all about it in our partner's privacy policy here:

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